Adventure to Journey Unknown

The Challenge

Join me, friends for an on-line road trip,
We’ll explore the world, while red wine, we sip.

Pack yourself a comfort food bag,
Perhaps well puff a clove cigar fag.

Who will we meet down around the corner?
A vagrant, a prostitute, a man of honor.

Journey through this writer’s imagination
Experiencing daily a new creation,

Prepare yourself to laugh or to cry,
Or feel bizarre anger for no reason why,

I’ll write what I know and say what I feel,
Jump on my wagon, I’ve got the wheel.

The grass may be greener o’er yonder the fence,
Sometimes my ramblings won’t make any sense.

I promise you this, I won’t let you down,
On your face I’ll put a smile where once there was a frown.

The cows in the pasture and the pigs in the corn,
I’ll spin you a yarn and toot my own horn.

Grab a partner and let’s do-si-do,
It’s A-Z blogging, and away we go!



9 thoughts on “Adventure to Journey Unknown

  1. What a fantastic opener. Not just for the A to Z but for the whole month of April (which I love!). Thank you for sharing your talent and brightening the day! Wishing you lots of fun throughout the challenge. Have a lovely weekend.!

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