Charmed by Charlatan


His breath is hot against her ear
He promises there’s nothing for her to fear.
Perspiration beads at the crest of her breast
She accepts this challenge, as a test from the best.

Serpent from old, this charismatic man,
Steals her heart with a dramatic plan.
His words are just a deceiving coy,
Fashioning an exotic and believing ploy.

Her eyes seduce him with unrelenting predictions,
Married with children, he disregards the convictions.
Skin against skin they come together,
Legs entwining tightly into a tether.

Serpent from old, this sensual she,
Proposing how casual sex can be.
Her movements always lascivious and rude,
He can’t refuse being curious and screwed.

Charlatan comes in all walks of life
Struggles, tribulations, and stirring up strife;
Luring innocence into false pretenses,
Promising green grass over the fences.

Be it a she, or be it a him,
Projection forecast always grim.

What is the Challenge?



3 thoughts on “Charmed by Charlatan

  1. That’s a powerful reminder to be careful…and very well done. I really enjoyed it! Are you enjoying the A-Z Challenge so far?


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