Daily Archives: April 11, 2016

Inspirational Interruptions


We’ve all experienced an obstacle during an activity we’ve engaged in. Interruptions come in all shapes and sizes. Important and trivial. A phone call, a knock at the door, a storm disrupting electrical service. We have no control over the interruptions we may face on any given day.

Sometimes I forget how interruptions can be blessings in disguise. Then I remember the woman who couldn’t make to work on time because her car wouldn’t start so  she had to call the towing company. She found out later that day that there was a terrible accident at an intersection at the exact time that she normally passed through on her way to work.

I’m reminded of the family who missed their planned vacation because one of the children came down with the flu and they had to postpone the trip. A horrendous fire gutted out the whole hotel where the family was scheduled to stay, killing several guests in the hotel.

These are extreme examples of interruptions. Did you know that Lee Child was interrupted at the grocery store on several occasions being asked by  short women if he could reach a product on a high shelf? Those interruptions helped create the name Jack Reacher.

We can choose how we react to a hindrance. Too many times we consider an interruption a bad thing instead of accepting it as an opportunity. Choosing the way we react changes the situation, hence changing the way we feel.

My cat just interrupted my keyboard and deleted half of my post before I had it saved. Now I’m going to learn how to skin a cat (just kidding). How can you use your interruption to be something positive?

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