Odd Ode

Once when I was little I played with a Ouija board
It started talking and I threw it overboard
Often opportunity will knock at the door
Ordinarily in objectivity I don’t outscore
Occasionally I’m mistaken for being obstinate
Because with my opinions I’m very passionate
Often there is optimism is in my outlook
While I organize oxymoron phrases in my notebook
I try to be open-minded when it comes to oppression
But sometimes vengeance becomes an obsession
I know some people who are wicked ornery
I am too when the egg drops from the ovary
I have an overwhelming desire to complete this challenge
Cutting it short today, so I can go eat an orange.



3 thoughts on “Odd Ode

  1. LOL! We threw our oujia board out too cause we didn’t like what it said! LOL! Think I’m caught up now! One post got deleted by mistake!

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