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People Pleaser

people pleaser

What line of work do you think of when you hear “people pleaser”? A prostitute? A comedian? A doctor? A McDonald’s cashier. The coffee shop drive-thru person? Perhaps the person you call in customer service? We are all a “people pleaser” in a sense, don’t you think? We want to please the people we interact with. We want them to like us and compliment us on what we do. I think I’m a people pleaser when I put the pen to paper and pour out my prose.

I recalled a few customer service interactions I experienced with a grocery store, a retail store and a cable company. They all were poor experiences and the people I dealt with did not please me. Funny how God has a sense of humor. He said, “Oh, so you think you can do better? Here let me put you in a customer service position where people will call you with their problems. How well can you please people?”

The first day on the job a woman told me I was the worst customer service representative she had ever spoken to. She yelled at me and demanded I get her a supervisor. Then the supervisor yelled at me for not providing the customer perfect provision. I cried and wanted to quit. Obviously I didn’t. I’ve learned a lot since that first day and remembered how to handle the problems. Funny thing is, that woman had no idea that I’d been in customer service almost 20 years and she was just predominately negative.

We have the power to be a people pleaser in every situation. A lot of times people don’t care about policies or promises made. They just want to pour out their problems. If we take the time to listen and offer empathy, usually we can turn the situation around. Of course there are those cynical assholes (for lack of a better expression) that you just can’t please. Some people are perpetual pessimists and even if you offer them the Pearly Gates they will still be petulant and complain. Those are the people you just have to smile and praise God not everyone is like that.

Share with me your People Pleasing Story.