Writing on the Wall



I was tidying up my work space before I opened up word to start typing and I had to flip the blotter paper on my desk.  I always say “don’t start work in a messy work area”.  I hate a messy blotter.  I used to tell my kids all the time, in fact I would write across the top, “DO NOT WRITE ON THIS BLOTTER!”  I don’t know if they wouldn’t read it or what. It never worked.  I would forever start my paperwork and try to find a note I wrote to remind myself about something, only to find signatures of my kids all over the blotter.  Just their names signed a hundred times over.  They are all grown up now so there are no signatures on the blotter.


Now I only find my notes that I have jotted down for myself amongst my husband’s chicken scratch of part numbers or passwords to new accounts and websites that he wants to look at.  Once in a while as I’m looking up a word in the old fashion dictionary or my thesaurus I’ll find a piece of scrap paper with one of the kids names scribbled across it, and it reminds me of them writing on my blotter.  I hope one day they have kids and a blotter on their desk that their kids can scribble up like they did to mine so often. 


Once upon a time, my husband used to have very nice “girly” penmanship.  I used to be so jealous because his homework always looked so much prettier than mine. Interesting how things change as we go through life.  If we don’t practice things we do well, eventually we won’t do as well at them as we used to.  Writing the old fashion letter is one of my favorite things to do and it is such a lost art these days.  I think my penmanship is nice…”girly” nice. I love to write. Nice penmanship is important, but I have to practice at it.


Writing on the wall is a thing of the past. Remember bathrooms where we could see who was going to have true love forever? Potsie told Ralph-Malph to sit on it, and for a good time you could call 867-5309!  Memorial weekend will be upon us fast and hints that summer will be here soon. No more pencils, no more books… no more teacher’s dirty looks. Oh but wait, there are no pencils and books because the new age is laptops and tablets and notebooks and probably things I’ve never even heard of.  Writing on the wall has become a sad thing of the past for most, but not for me.  I’ll keep my pencil. I’ll keep writing the old fashion way. Oh and as you are travelling through rest areas check out the walls. I may have been there!



2 thoughts on “Writing on the Wall

  1. When I was eight, my grandparents took my sister and me to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon–it is a beautiful state park with breathtaking views, etc., etc. but what I remember most about that trip is the “poem” we found scribbled on the bathroom wall: “On the toilet do not linger/If no paper, use your finger.”

    Anyway–handwriting really is a dying talent/skill. I remember learning cursive in third grade and the kids with the best penmanship got to use colored pencils. Fast forward to a year or so ago when my eleven-year-old niece had to ask me what I’d written on my granddaughter’s birthday cake because it was in cursive.

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  2. GREAT post! And you’re so right. Writing (on paper, on the wall) is a lost art. It just broke my heart when i learned that they’re no longer teaching cursive writing in school…or they’re going to stop. I was like What??? That’s just crazy! Writing is so important. And writing in journals is so healthy!

    Love that you used so many song lyrics in your post. That was a great paragraph!

    I enjoyed reading your post. I just started following your blog. Stop by my place if you get a chance sometime…

    Michele at Angels Bark


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