Seriously I hate the letter X. Most of the words that begin with X I can’t even pronounce let alone comprehend the meaning. Today my mood could be symbolized as an X because someone wasn’t doing their job so now I have to spend my morning getting it corrected so I’m cheating on today’s post and revisiting last year. X can be used to mark a spot, cross out a mess, and make a selection, or vote in an election. Some people use X to sign their name. X rates a movie. X equals ten on the number scale. X mas translates into the symbol for Christ plus mas for a shortened version of Christmas. X as in chromosomes are paired in women usually and single in men (interesting isn’t it?) X Y Z is sang at the end of the alphabet song.  X L is a clothing size. X M L is computer lingo which is similar to HTML.

There may not be a lot of words that begin with the letter X, but think about how many words there are that have X as the second letter. That would have been easier for me. Any hoot, X is an important letter in the alphabet for whatever it is used for.



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