Attitudes & Accolades

Attitudes and Accolades

The key to success is highly based on attitude. I deal with customers who contact the company typically to complain about product, service, facilities, and life in general. Very rarely do I hear anything positive. At times it is difficult to carry that positive attitude all day long. I struggle.  I have tested my actions, and I can honestly say, based on personal experience my attitude affects others actions. Attitude can rub off on another person. If my mood is bad and I complain, most people tend to follow suit. If I have a happy face and a big smile, eager to help, my co-workers are happy as well as the snottiest of customers.

Another form of a successful interaction in customer service is handing out accolades. Fielding complaints in one form or another all day long can discourage a person’s demeanor. That pat on the back, “atta-boy”, or “good job with that one”, goes a long ways in the world of customer service.

If you work in customer service, remember you are the one person who can make or break that customer. Smile and carry that great attitude. Let the customer know how happy the company is to have their business and service them to the best of your ability.

Footnote: This year I decided to go with the A-Z of Customer Service. I’ve complained too long that customer service isn’t what it’s supposed to be. Tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor. He put me in a position to change what customer service is. This month I will share with you what I’ve learned about successful customer service. Cheers.


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