Frequent Flyers

Freaky Friday is a good day to talk about the frequent flyers of the customer service world. Every company has the customer who won’t go away, who is never satisfied with the resolution, who keeps coming back for more. The freak who frequents the doorway every day. The service recovery abuser.

Fortunately fulfilment policies are in place for this type of customer. Following the guidelines set forth with the customer will ensure a favorable outcome (in the fictional world). First, familiarize yourself with the history of the customer. Find out the facts. Felicific calculus? Maybe. Figure out the best way to fulfill this fraudster’s request.

Gathering all the information possible about this system abuser is helpful to the company as well as the next representative who will deal with this fart fink. Frequently friction will creep into the situations. Frequent flyers are skilled at abusing systems. It’s their job. They know how much they can get away with and they know what limits are available. Sometimes when we let them know we are on to their shenanigans F-bombs will be fired. Stay calm and do your best to finish the transaction in friendly manner.

We would like for these customers to be banned, blocked, and disqualified from the program. In a perfect world, yes. There would be no abusers, no fraudulent activity and customers wouldn’t yell and swear at the people who are put in place to help them. But just like the customer has to suck it up cupcake and deal with reality, so do we. Those frequent flyer fart finks are all in a day’s work.

Footnote: This year I decided to go with the A-Z of Customer Service. I’ve complained too long that customer service isn’t what it should be. Tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor. He put me in a position make a difference in what I think customer service is and should be. This month I will share with you what I’ve learned about successful customer service. Hope you enjoy the ride.


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