The Killjoy of Customer Service


Do you have that one person in the office who comes to work every day with a sour puss on their face? No amount of caffeine or chocolate donuts (with sprinkles even) can put them in a good mood. They just hate the world and want to challenge everything? They would not be happy hung with a new rope. Quite frankly, customer service is no place for these types of people. Unfortunately, every avenue of business has at least one Killjoy in the office.

The Killjoy throws a monkey wrench in the morning staff meeting. They use big words and statistics to make themselves sound more important than everyone else. They spew the company rules and regulations as if they were the ones who wrote them. They point fingers in non-passive aggressive ways making it sound like it’s the system that has issues not them.

The Killjoy  pretty much dampers everyone’s mood. They kiss-ass and pretend they are corporate driven.  Killjoy doesn’t understand the concept of satisfying the customer. They think they are going to right the wrong, find the lost, and save the world. They forget the company has policies in place to protect the rights from the wrongs. Again these people have no business taking on a customer service job.

The biggest thing the customer service representative should be interested in is making sure that customer (every customer is the first customer, every customer is the only customer) is happy and satisfied. Customer service is a person who satisfies the customer to the best of their ability with the tools they have available. Not Killjoy who scrutinizes polices and debates with the customer.

Are you a Killjoy or an aficionado? If your company empowers you,  tweak the policy… explain it to the customer and then make it right. Put a happy face and a satisfied customer where otherwise a frown would have been.

Footnote: This year I decided to go with the A-Z of Customer Service. I’ve complained too long that customer service isn’t what it should be. Tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor. He put me in a position make a difference in what I think customer service is and should be. This month I will share with you what I’ve learned about successful customer service. Hope you enjoy the ride.


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