Today’s word in customer service satisfaction is SMILE. Yes, smile. Whether you are the customer or the agent that old idiom stands true that you get more flies with honey rather than vinegar.

Think about how much more willing someone will want to help you if you are smiling. A sourpuss just doesn’t cut the bill in customer service. I share this from personal experience in the customer service world of being the customer, as well as being the representative. I have and continue to test both sides of the fence. In my customer world I will always come to you with a smile even though your company has screwed up my service, my order, my product. I will smile and give you the opportunity to smile back and make it right. In my customer service representative world if you come to me with a mean streak, yelling and swearing and being mad at the world, do you know what you are going to get? A SMILE. Yes, I will smile at you and give you the benefit of the doubt because someone always has a bad day. If you calm down and give me the opportunity I will do my best to make it right with you and correct the issue at hand.

Too many times customers want to shoot the messenger. Too many times customer service agents want to solve the things they have no control over. There are guidelines they must adhere to. Smile, let them help with you the procedures put in place. If you are still not satisfied, take it to the next level. There is always a next level. If you get to that point where no one can rectify the issue you have and you simply cannot be satisfied, then it is time for you to make a decision. Continue with mediocre service or products or stop doing business with the company all together. It all comes down to choice. We all have one.

But by all means, whatever you do, make sure you do it with a smile? Whose frown can you turn upside down today?

Footnote: This year I decided to go with the A-Z of Customer Service. I’ve complained too long that customer service isn’t what it should be. Tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor. He put me in a position make a difference in what I think customer service is and should be. This month I will share with you what I’ve learned about successful customer service. Hope you enjoy the ride.

One thought on “SMILE

  1. I think a smile always helps another person. I know in our office, people are usually grateful for the smile they receive because it’s hard to be here in the first place. Some of our clients, do not get a good reception out of the streets or in the city, so a smile always helps and it makes them more receptive in trying to help them. While I might not always tell them what they want to hear, I can send them on the correct path to get things done.

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