Sometimes intentions are misunderstood
Taking on more than we probably should
To our chagrin we fail others desires
Passion sucked out like blood-thirsty vampires

We strive to please and make everything right
Even when we win, we’re still in the fight
It is certain always we will have strife
Betrayals and downfalls cut like a knife

His power, His glory is full of grace
Mistakes we’ve made we need not feel abased
Not focusing on failures – take a peek
For in our hindrances, HE we must seek

A world of our own apart from the rest
Our goal is perfection, to be the best
Though it won’t happen while living on earth
Corralled together his chosen rebirth.

The blogging challenge is over, but I still have that desire to write and share and help others where I can.  Thanks to Robyn for this picture of Inspiration.  Hope this inspires you as well to trudge on, even when you feel like you can’t win… you can.


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