Gardening ~Letters from the Heart #A2ZChallenge2021


Hey Bob:

(That’s just a little inside joke. When you call your mother, that’s how she answers the phone. ☺♥)

When the list was made for the “theme reveal” your letter about gardening was meant to be just that. Out in the garden, planting green beans, and cucumbers and tomatoes and all those fun vegetables that you and Tall Cool ☺ne love to eat through the summer and then can/preserve the abundance for later consuming.

After the past few days of self-reflection, gardening has taken on a new perspective. Think of it in a metaphorical sense. Maybe you need to go weeding.

Sometimes what we see as good and pretty is actually destroying what is healthy. For example the wisteria in the back yard is beautiful when in full bloom. The scent is a little over-powering but the flowers are gorgeous.  Unfortunately the plant itself is invasive. When Tall Cool ☺ne cut it back (to your dismay) azalea, camellia and gardenia bushes were revealed.



Sometimes giant pretty things need to be destroyed to reveal healthy little things.  What is in your life that needs weeding? What looks big and pretty that is covering up small and healthy?

Food for thought.

your constant and faithful,


How’s everyone’s challenge going? Are you all having a good time? Visiting lots of other blogs?  I’m trying to visit five new blogs each day but it’s not Have you ordered a t-shirt yet?  Have you found all of the letters so far in the scavenger hunt?  Don’t forget to check out the master list and select a few that you may not normally visit. Most of all, have fun! ♥

8 responses to “Gardening ~Letters from the Heart #A2ZChallenge2021

  1. Yes true.. who knows what good is behind the fading off one thing..

    What good is hidden in things we think is not good NOW .. but later only the goodness reveals..

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  2. Farida Rizwan

    The answer to your questions posed in the end.. something I realzied after thinking over it a bit – My marriage. It seriously needs weeding…


  3. I do literal gardening in the earth, but your literary gardening question has merit. As I have weeded outside, I am also weeding inside (eliminating the unneeded) to make space for new growth — in my writing and my life. Thanks for your visit to my site. Hope you’ll stop back.

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  4. I am loving your letters to yourself. This one is excellent.

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  5. Hey there, Crackerberry! I think I remember you from last year! 🙂
    Great to meet again.
    You’re asking an excellent question.
    Maybe this whole pandemic and the negative aspects that make people’s lives hard, still brings positivity, as in “slow down”, reduce stress that your daily commute brings by working from home, etc.

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  6. I would say all things I keep seeing on my phone as I scroll…Need time away from whatsapp and Insta gram to make life healthier 🙂

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  7. The beauty of atoz is reading so much out of your niche. Thanks for the womderful post


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