Journal Master ~Letters from the Heart #A2ZChallenge2021

Dear Journaling Master:

This entry kind of feels like cheating because you used journaling in a previous A2Z challenge, but it seems only fitting that it be used again. For real, your hand written journals date back to sometime in 1982. You’re gonna keep them FOREVER!

Most of them are crammed into a plastic tote. Do you remember when you used to try to put them on a bookshelf in chronological order? You are so anal sometimes. But they took up way too much book space. It was the journals or the Stephen King collection. Too bad for you, Steve’s book display is a little more attractive than your hodge-podge of journals.

You have thought about getting rid of them. What purpose do they serve other than taking up space? But whenever you think of destroying them, you have nightmares and it scares the shit out of you like cutting your hair. It feels like part of you would die.

After-all, one day you may want to read through your trials, errors, tribulations, satisfactions, fulfillment, and success. Or not, who knows? For now the journals stay.  Besides, journaling is a way of escape, a stress reliever, a problems solver. Grab a pen, grab a cup of coffee☕, open up a fresh blank page and let your journey begin.

Until next time,
your constant and faithful,

What do my fellow journal keepers do with your journals? How do you store them? Are they in neat little boxes? Do you keep them? What are your thoughts and ideas about keeping old journals?

8 responses to “Journal Master ~Letters from the Heart #A2ZChallenge2021

  1. Dear Barbie,

    I totally get you on the need to keep those journals. I don’t jot down my thoughts, but I do have several art journals since I started drawing again in 2017. I have photographed all of my pencil designs so if anything should happen, God forbid, to the paper version then I have a record of what I did. Have you considered converting your handwritten journals to digital format? It’s something to think about. 😉

    If you haven’t already, please stop by when you can to take a peek at my newest Looney Tunes Art Sketch. Foghorn’s Joke Advice. Happy A2Zing!!

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  2. A ‘hodge-podge of journals sounds like the perfect place to go to when you’re stuck for ideas to write about:)
    I’m not tidy about keeping them but I do write in them and am usually pleasantly surprised when I stumble upon something I wrote a while back.

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  3. As much as I love writing, I actually haven’t journaled in a long time. I did throw out my teenage journals when I hit my twenties and I still regret it so you’re wise to hang on to yours. Weekends In Maine

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  4. I keep journals. Well hidden 😉
    I have a ton of Stephen King novels too.

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  5. I have dreams about them looking beautiful on a shelf, but in reality they’re in boxes, drawers, and occasionally a shelf. The thought of getting rid of them is giving me palpitations, so not doing that – they’re such a part of me and I do sometimes read over a past one.

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  6. Yes, yes, yes to journals. I have several.

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  7. While I never kept my journals on the bookshelf (on the contrary, I hid them in a drawer or a box) I would not get rid of them. They’re part of your past, your identity, your journey.

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  8. I was a journal writer all through my teaching career. Now I just collect hard copies of all my writing by year and keep them with in binders with my school journals. I even wrote about my school journals in my first A to Z Challenge year in 2016.

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