Needful Things ~ Letters from the Heart #atozchallenge


Dear Squirrel: (AKA collector of Nuts 🥜)

When you hear needful things you probably think of the novel by Stephen King. A new kind of store, for sure! Ole Steve can spin a tale now. When you reminisce about that story you wonder what your needful things are.  Hopefully not as needful as those people in the movie.

√ That first cup of coffee in the morning (and second, and third…)
√ The book and pen you write with each morning
√ Your bible

Okay so maybe those aren’t needed so much as in that you’d die without them (can’t guarantee that someone else wouldn’t) because you are a bear without the morning rituals. People get confused over NEED and DESIRE. 


Look at the your piles of needful things around the house… your possessions. Tall Cool ☺ne has his own piles of chaos even though he’ll tell you it’s not clutter. It’s useful tools (needful things) that he’s going to use one day. We are all going to use them or get to reading them one day.  Yes, sir, believe that one and we’ll spin you another yarn. Speaking of yarn, you just bought two bails of worsted yarn for homemade dish cloths to make one day in your spare time (yeah right)!

How many cookbooks do you need? And that King collection, are you really going to read them all again? Can you imagine how much simpler and neater things would be without all that stuff you have to move each time you dust? Shhh, everyone knows you don’t dust, you’re just saying that for effect of the letter.

People spend your whole lives buying chattels and collecting properties. At a certain point, there comes a time in life when you will want to get rid of everything, or a lot of things and downsize. You’re going to try to pass certain trinkets down to your kids or grandkids, because you want to keep it in the family.  It ain’t never gonna happen, baby… so stop. Stop thinking it’s needful things. What do you need to survive? Stop being a collector of useless clutter that you think your kids or grandkids are going to want.  They are busy making piles of their own needful things (useless clutter).

**Side note, what you really need is people, relationships.  We’ll touch on that subject next week.

Until next time,
Your constant and faithful,


What is A2ZBlogging? Well we are half way through the month so you should know by now.  Be sure to check out some peeps from the master list and keep on keeping on. 

9 responses to “Needful Things ~ Letters from the Heart #atozchallenge

  1. You hit the nail on the head with this post Babbie.
    Useless clutter can clutter what’s important in life:)
    And that bit about handing trinkets to kids–Ha! HA!
    The morning cuppa (s) are so important. Now, that’s a genuine need.

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  2. King’s Needful Things was so creepy! Also I like the Michael plush in your photo. 🙂 Downsizing your ‘clutter’ can feel freeing!

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  3. Definitely a difference between need and desire! I actually have Needful Things on my shelf to read. Now I need to read that next, The movie looks good too!


  4. This reminds me of Marie Kondo. Have you seen any of her shows on TV ?? Sometimes a need is there because it’s a deeply ingrained habit


  5. Sorry I provoked a rant about entitled people over at my blog 😉

    Needful things? You’re absolutely right, what we need are meaningful relationships with people we love. However, there’s always that purse, stuffed animal or bodylotion we *sort of need*. At the very least they bring joy, and there can never be too much joy, right?

    Happy Friday!

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  6. Love this one, so true too! I mentioned Stephen King in my post today too. His book Needful Things was so good!

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  7. Barbie,

    We all have problems with collecting needless things, some are worse than others. It took years for me to get DH to even consider getting rid of something. I was so delighted when he began purging things of no use. He’s still a long way off but he’s made remarkable progress. I can turn loose of things easier than him but I do struggle when there’s sentimentality attached to an item. I try mentally saying, “If you don’t use it loose it” and that helps most of the time.

    That Stephen King is one twisted author and a bit creepy if you ask me. We’ve watched a few of his movies over the years. What I like about his work is he keeps the stories in Maine. We love the Pine Tree state! I noticed you have a bottle of Moxie on your top shelf. Now, you wouldn’t be from there, would you? Our youngest daughter lives near and works in Portland. We can’t wait to go up to see here when we vacation there next. 🙂

    Nicely done on today’s letter. Happy A2Zing!

    Nasty Canasta Looney Tunes A-Z Art Sketch

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    • Well hey hey … You found me out…Ayuh, born and raised. Came south about 15 years ago… there’s a story there somewhere I’m sure. Worked in Portland for a time. Stephen King was a teacher where I graduated. Ha ha… met him once. He was actually pretty humble when I met him but gosh that was some 40 years ago.


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