People ~ Letters from the Heart #atozchallenge

Dear Barbie:

People are part of your life. They come and go in your life all the time. Some people are part of your life forever and some for a short period of time. People are funny human beings with different characteristics that make you love them or not like them so much at all. Sometimes you can chose to have people in your life and other times you don’t get that option.

In you’re opinion you are lucky to get the opportunity to work from home and not have to meet people face to face on a daily basis. Others might disagree, but you have a tendency to tell people exactly what you think (you are working on this and doing a good job, but still have a long ways to go).  You think a lot of people are a few cans short of a six pack.

This challenge has brought many new people into your life and it’s a blessing to be able to learn about so many new things and the opportunity to visit new cultures, fresh ideas and different opinions. You would like to mention some people (old pals and some new faces too).

Our smiling Janet is taking us on a round trip through San Francisco.
Curious Cathy is sketching us pictures and sharing Looney Tunes cart☺☺ns.
John single-handedly is counting down the top 40.
Tamara always has a fresh new perspective to ponder.

How could I forget Karen where I can always go home to Maine?
Iain shares the background of characters from his State Trilogy.
Pradeep is taking us through Bengaluru, formerly known as Bangalore.
Arlee (founder of A-Z) taking us for a river ride.

There are so many more people to mention and should but then it wouldn’t be short and sweet. Make sure you visit the master list and pick a category you wouldn’t normally look at. Go see what they are up to. Make a nice comment! You have more people to meet, so what are you waiting for.


Well folks we only have two weeks to go.  How is everyone doing?  Are you planning to keep at it after the challenge is over?  I for one definitely want to keep writing.  It brings me such joy.  We still have the After Survey, Reflections and then the Road Trip…that will be fun.


8 responses to “People ~ Letters from the Heart #atozchallenge

  1. Thanks so much for the mention. There are so many great A-Z blogs it’s difficult to keep track and do them all justice. It’s always good to get some tips on the good ones to visit!

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  2. Thanks so much for the shout out. That is so sweet!Now that I’m in my fifth year of doing the A to Z challenge, I feel like I am spending time again with old friends. It is so much fun. Weekends In Maine

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  3. I enjoyed your letter, and your shoutouts to a few of the folks playing along in the challenge. I LOVE April and the chance to visit new people and old friends. There are so many perspectives and interesting things to read about.

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  4. Thanks so much for the nod! Appreciate that. “A few cans short of a six pack” is fantastic, can I use it? I am fortunate that I’ve been able to work from home for so long too so I totally get that!

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  5. “A lot of people are a few cans short of a six pack”, hahahaaaahahaha!
    I have never heard that, too bad I my phrase for the letter P is already written and published:
    I did squeeze it into my letter Q post, tough, keep your eyes open!
    Thank you so much for the shout-out ♥︎ Much appreciated!
    I consider myself being a people person, but sometimes I need my peace and quiet to recharge.

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  6. Dear Barbie,

    Ahhh, thanks for the mention! The A2Z challenge brings new people but often old friends who came out of the wood works or so it seems. Generally most of my visitors this month will fall by the way the rest of the year because our paths do not cross usually with normal blogging life and that’s ok. We all have different directions to go but it’s quite special when we reconnect annually. People are unique and imperfect in the same breathe. We all can’t be the same. I say to know you is to love you. I’m sure those who know you the best totally get where you’re coming from and aren’t bothered by your upfront personality. 🙂 I sure have been enjoying my visits with you. Happy A2Zing, my dear!

    Pepe Le Pew & Penelope Pussycat Looney Tunes A-Z Art Sketch

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  7. People are fascinating ,aren’t they ? There is so much to observe, experience , share, learn, give


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