Salting the Wounds ~Letters from the Heart #atozchallenge

Dear Salty Dawg:

Salting the wound is making an already unpleasant situation worse. As much as you want to share your little orange notebook entry for today’s letter, you know it’s not the right thing to do. Sometimes you just gotta know when to let people go. Sometimes you can’t fix the wrongs they feel in their life. Sometimes it’s not you. Sometimes you have to accept that you have done all you can. Sometimes they won’t let bygones be bygones.  Sometimes you need to let them go, scissor ✂them out of your life. Stop trying to fix them.

You probably should have picked Starbucks or Sunshine or summer or Sometimes… here’s a song by one of your favorites.  Perfect for this post…..

See ya,




6 responses to “Salting the Wounds ~Letters from the Heart #atozchallenge

  1. Dear Barbie,

    I understand about salt in old wounds. They’ll never heal if you keep pouring the salt on them that’s for sure. I gotcha on this one and fully understand. Sometimes it’s best things left unsaid.

    Speedy and Slowpoke Looney Tunes A-Z Art Sketch

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  2. This can be an especially hard thing to do. Good luck. Weekends In Maine


  3. Yes, let them go. If you’re meant to be together again it’ll happen. If not, oh well.

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  4. Yep, not only let go but know when to keep your opinion to yourself.


  5. Sad but true. Sometimes, you just have to Let Go.


  6. Of course now I wonder who it was who let you down or did you wrong because I want to slap them ;-))) Letting go is hard, but I believe once you succeed, you feel lighter.

    Just for the h*** of it: what would your post about SBUX have been?


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