Weekly Letters ~ Letters from the Heart #atozchallenge

Dear Cool Heel:

Cool heel is a joke, but for real, one of your heels is cold all the time lately. You don’t know why, but it won’t warm up. Maybe you need to get a cup warmer and set it on that during the day? Ha ha.

Did you know December 7th is National Letter Writing Day?

You know it’s funny, you have been writing yourself this whole month and not paid much attention to writing any of the weekly letters you normally do. Saved some money in postage. Your S☼nshine mentioned he hadn’t seen a letter lately so you did sneak in one to him, and your pregnant daughter (secret revealed) over the weekend.  It was strange as you were composing the letter like you were still writing in second person point of view. It’s a little bit of a challenge writing in the first person again.

The weekly letters are the reason this theme came about. They are as much fun as this month’s challenge. Even more fun (especially) when you get a letter back. Most people are not letter writers and don’t write back.  But it’s peculiar when people don’t like to get a letter.

Something to keep in mind. Perspective. Everyone has a different stance on things. Writing how you feel or what you think may not be perceived by someone else the same way. What you find happy and exciting, others might see as depressing. Sad but true. No way around it. [Matthew 7:6] Be careful what you share and who you share with.

And one more W thing… What do you season a WOK with? Do you season a WOK?  Why is your WOK always getting tarnished with rust? Can anyone help?

Your constant and faithful,

10 responses to “Weekly Letters ~ Letters from the Heart #atozchallenge

  1. So nice that you still write letters – it is a lost art form in our modern world, replaced by text messages and emojis!!


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  2. Can’t help you with your WOK, but let’s talk about the more exciting sutff: your daughter is pregnant, congratulations! Good times ahead! When is she due?


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  3. I know someone very dear who’ll be happy to know that Dec 7th is National letter writing day. Thank you for that info.
    About that wok (if it’s cast iron like mine): have you tried rubbing oil on it (coconut, olive, mustard–any will do ) and then leave it overnight. Next day wipe the oil off with cloth/paper towel, then heat the wok and cook.
    Basically, use this method to clean your wok. Rinse/wash it. Heat it. Cool it. Keep it oiled.
    Hope this helps.

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    • Thank you Arti, I wish it were a cast iron wok, it’s just a cheap one. I should invest in a good one, I just don’t use it that often…maybe I would it it were in better shape. Will try some oil and baking it for a few…see how that turns out.

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  4. Dear Barbie,
    Hmmm, interesting ponderings about things one share may not be received the same as its intent but I get it. After years of pen palling I believe you. Some people are strange and even I might misinterpret someone’s intent. I’ve learned to put a letter aside that doesn’t resonate well. Perhaps it’s my mood and maybe not but usually when I re-read such letters I find it was me. I think it’s wonderful you write frequently to yourself and others. I’ve lost the touch to do that but am trying to rekindle my fondness for the art of letter writing again. 🙂

    Wile E. Coyote Looney Tunes A-Z Art Sketch

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  5. Concerning the Wok question: it’s similar to seasoning an iron skillet. Oil, heat. I recently read that the “baked on” coating of oil acts like Teflon, but healthier for you!

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  6. Till I was in college I used to write letters to my mother ….somehow instant messaging can never replace the joy a letter could give

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