Drink Up

Okay so a little zebra left from the last post…I can’t help it I love zebras and wine!

A’lil Hoohaa’s monthly photo blog challenge

Did I really need to push myself into another challenge? Probably not but this looks like it only happens once a month and if you’re not pushing yourself well you just aren’t living on the edge enough. Plus My Blogging Buddy was talking about how much fun it was and so I had to check it out. On top of that the theme is right up my ally. (Or is it down my ally?)  Who cares?  Let’s  DRINK up!

The Beer Den where you can sip and shop.

We try to visit this store once a month.  Of course whenever we go we always tend to spend more money than we should.


Beers for the aisles

As you can imagine, everything looks so good you’re having a crafted bubbly. Usually one of everything ends up in the cart.  Sometimes we get home and find two of something and didn’t notice the other one already had slipped it in.  Great minds think alike I guess.


Chocolate and Wine

I can’t remember where it was that Tall Cool ☺ne found this but OMiGOSH I wish I could freeze it into a Cho-CO-Wine-sicle!


Men with beards are cool  ~   Men with mullets drool!

This was at the entrance of the Beer Den and I just thought it was funny.


Sunday morning brunch


Every Sunday brunch is good for a cocktail. This is one of our favorites.


An acquired taste

I made these Moscow Mules once and they were quite tasty. Only problem is finding the ginger beer. When we are able to find it, it’s kinda pricy. So I found these and they are okay, but a Moscow Mule is definitely an acquired taste.




These are what I like when I’m working in the yard.  So this was actually taken after all the work for the day was done.  I was chilling before getting the firepit stoked up. I love a bon fire.



Tall Cool ☺ne

There he is, my sweet, wonderful husband! God I love him.  We were fishing and everybody knows you can’t go fishing without a beer.  Right?


This is my first attempt at this photo challenge.  Hopefully I did okay.  I’m not a photographer… but I do enjoy taking pictures and adding them to my blog. My real passion is writing.  If you want to see who the real photographer in the family is just follow this link. 



I sure hope you enjoyed my pics and descriptions.  If you like sharing photos I encourage you to leave your links here or go to the this linkydink and share them there.  It’s my first shot at it so I’m still learning. 







11 responses to “Drink Up

  1. Welcome to the challenge. We always love seeing new people involved with us. We have a good bunch of people and we’re now into year nine, so it’s be especially fun. Good take on our theme this month — the literal drink up!


  2. Great job and welcome to the photo blogging challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Barbie,

    You did a fine job capturing the moments. I can’t believe you’re doing another challenge, though. Whew, I’m just pooped after A2Z and today I didn’t get any rest what so ever! Maybe, tomorrow I can slow down a wee bit. No, probably not. My reflections post goes life in the morning and I’m still catching up. *sigh* Good luck with the photo challenge. It does sound fun and if I was up to it then I’d be playing alone, too. 😉 Come by to boogie with me if you want. The 4M dance is going!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe you will be up for the May challenge …do check it out and see. It is only 5 pictures and the theme is Spring has Sprung. A few words or no words…seem easy enough to me… the real challenge is being responsive to everyone. I’m going to work hard on that ….and I will be over to boogie on down soon (it’s a great way to get in shape). ♥ Cheers.


  4. Welcome to the PBC! What a great series of photos, with a bonus recipe to boot. I also Moscow Mules, and the last time I had a dine in meal in a restaurant (early Feb 2020) I enjoyed a copper mugful. We’ve found a few brands of ginger beer here, and last time we were at Costco I noticed they had Fever Tree ginger beer by the case…the bottles are just the right size for one Moscow Mule. Looking forward to seeing your take on “Spring has Sprung” for May.

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  5. That’s quite a lot of nice pics!

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  6. You did an awesome job and welcome to the challenge! You covered quite a wide variety of drinking options. I’ve had chocolate wine and it’s fantastic (I’m also a chocoholic so there’s that…..) My brunch beverage is usually a mimosa. X

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh my goodness, look at you! Quickly whipped up a post!
    Chocolate and Wine sounds like a match made in heaven. There is a red wine from South Africa that is called “the chocolate block”.

    Congrats on your debut and happy Friday!

    Liked by 1 person

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