Blackhorse 2015

front cover

A regime of conspiracy, racketeering, and treason within the United States Military. The US Military is no longer what it used to be.

After supervising military intelligence on Blue Duck Island Army Base, Sergeant First Class Jon Hunter is less than a month away from retiring to his hometown of Winston-Wisdom. Before he can enjoy his plans of fishing and skiing Sergeant Hunter has one more mission.

Operation Goatfish involves transferring nuclear weapons from Bonfire Island in the Pacific Ocean to a more accessible location in the states. Only the elite chosen will be involved. Jon, a dedicated and decorated E-7 for the US Army, immediately gets a bad feeling about Captain Todd Carlin who will be in charge of the mission.

Jon, along with the sexy island librarian, travel to Fort Wyatt Military Foundation in South Carolina. They are determined to find out what Captain Carlin’s 20 year old secret is. There is something more than military training going on in The Blackhorse Strategic Regiment. It will be the end of the world unless Sergeant Hunter and Suzie-Q can stop a stop a group of traitors, and uncover Captain Todd Carlin’s real MOS.

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