Digby’s Treasure

Digby’s Treasure

The house sat vacant for five years before it was auctioned off to the highest bidder. A “fixer-upper”. By dropping a few thousand dollars into the place, house-flipper entrepreneur Jackson Tinkerton knew he’d make double, probably triple the profit when he resold the place. The little house wasn’t much to look at on the outside. It was a little cottage with a white picket fence that needed major repairs. That was an easy fix.  People in this area liked quaint and rustic. It would be the Taj Ma ‘Hal of Little Pine Hill. Tourists came from all over to spend a week or two in this north-eastern mountain village.

It wasn’t a week after Jackson purchased the new project home when he noticed a difference in his health. He felt better than he’d ever felt before. He didn’t’ think much of it at first, because the excitement of a new project always got the adrenaline pumping and an adrenaline rush was a natural high that always made a person feel good. He figured the clean fresh air of the mountain village played a part into it as well. It wasn’t the normal smoggy air he was used to inhaling from the city. But there was something about this place that was different. There was an aurora about it that made him feel different, better, more alive than he had ever felt before.

The following week when he met with his real estate broker he realized that feeling he’d been having wasn’t imagination, but real. She told him he needed to look in the mirror. Jackson saw the same person he’d been looking at for the last 56 years, until Nora held the August Top House Flipper centerfold beside his face. Although the photo was more than three years old, Jackson noticed a considerable difference in his appearance. The crow’s feet that had positioned themselves next to his eyes had faded to almost non-existence. The deep crease in his forehead, the one his mother always told him would stick on his brow if he kept frowning, was gone. By the way, your mother is always right. But most noticeable was the salt and pepper hair had changed completely back to pepper, without washing the gray out of his hair.

Jackson stared into the eyes of his 36-year-old self. How was that possible? He recapped his actions over the past month from what he ate, how he exercised (never), what he drank (too much), and there was nothing he did any different. The only thing different in his life was the flip.

(To be continued)

Inspirational Interruptions


We’ve all experienced an obstacle during an activity we’ve engaged in. Interruptions come in all shapes and sizes. Important and trivial. A phone call, a knock at the door, a storm disrupting electrical service. We have no control over the interruptions we may face on any given day.

Sometimes I forget how interruptions can be blessings in disguise. Then I remember the woman who couldn’t make to work on time because her car wouldn’t start so  she had to call the towing company. She found out later that day that there was a terrible accident at an intersection at the exact time that she normally passed through on her way to work.

I’m reminded of the family who missed their planned vacation because one of the children came down with the flu and they had to postpone the trip. A horrendous fire gutted out the whole hotel where the family was scheduled to stay, killing several guests in the hotel.

These are extreme examples of interruptions. Did you know that Lee Child was interrupted at the grocery store on several occasions being asked by  short women if he could reach a product on a high shelf? Those interruptions helped create the name Jack Reacher.

We can choose how we react to a hindrance. Too many times we consider an interruption a bad thing instead of accepting it as an opportunity. Choosing the way we react changes the situation, hence changing the way we feel.

My cat just interrupted my keyboard and deleted half of my post before I had it saved. Now I’m going to learn how to skin a cat (just kidding). How can you use your interruption to be something positive?

The Challenge


Gizzard & Guts

Gizzard & Guts

I thought this would be an appropriate title for today’s post. Please accept this shout out to all of my fellow bloggers who are partaking in this challenge. We as writers use our gizzard to grind our ideas, our thoughts and ponderings. We take to heart what other people say, or worse, what people don’t say about our offerings. It takes guts to share with the world what we think or don’t think. Everyone has an opinion and more people are quick to tell you what they think about your opinion, yet they have not shared one of their own.

This is the second year in the A-Z Challenge and I love it. I love reading my fellow writers posts and being a part of this community. Sometimes I forget to leave a comment (I know that’s part of the challenge so let me apologize for reading without commenting).

When I first started putting my thoughts and ideas out for others to read it was very hard to take the criticism. Most of the criticism came from people I knew and it hurt deeply. Too many times I wanted to give up and delete all of my pages, blogs, etc. But every time I came to the moment of “are you sure you want to delete?”,  a comment would show up thanking me for the inspiration or the laugh or the encouragement. It would change my mind and I would continue sharing my thoughts and ideas. You see writing for me is like therapy. I have to do it. It isn’t so much sharing but the physical act of writing is something necessary to my spiritual being. If I can help someone or encourage someone, I tag that as a bonus.

When I published my first book, I was so excited and I thought I’m going be the next Stephen King. Ha ha ha. Too funny seeing how it’s not even the same genre. But dreams are good and that was my ultimate goal: to get published. For a spell, I misinterpreted getting published with getting rich and getting famous. I was quickly elucidated as to what the difference was. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of my accomplishments with the books even though they don’t make any money. That wasn’t the point… the point was having a goal and achieving it. Not to mention everything I learned in the research of writing them.

These blog posts are entertainment for me and my readers. I enjoy what I do and I will continue to do it as long as I come up with ideas. I hope you will continue to do so as well, be it writing, reading or whatever your goal may be. If you work hard enough at it, you can achieve it. It just takes a little Gizzard and Guts.

The Challenge