Ultimately the day is as beautiful as this butterfly.

ultimate beauty

So this morning, Tall Cool ☺ne asked me what the letter of the day was. I told him it was going to be 82º and partly cloudy. He gave me a funny look and mentioned Miracle Ear for my birthday this year. UGH!

He said not the weather, woman,the letter! Oh, I said, today is U and I think I’m going to use Ugh! Tall Cool ☺ne said that’s not a word. Well I look it up and by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary it most certainly is a word. Used to indicate the sound of a grunt or a cough or to express disgust or horror.  So there! Ugh!

We are on the last leg of the A-Z Blog Challenge.  The last week is the hardest. Look at the letters that are left. U, V, W, X, Y, and Z. UGH! It’s going to be a rough week. What’s going to be even more challenging is to keep up with the habit of posting on a daily basis. Ugh! I think I mentioned before, it’s a lifestyle change. It’s easy to fall out of the habit if you don’t do it.

Speaking of, can I get a big UGH?! I went to put on my shorts this morning and realized they were a little bit tighter than I remembered. Okay, I lied, a lot tighter. Ugh! I thought about that and it makes perfect sense. Tall Cool ☺ne and I worked so hard to stay healthy, by eating right and exercising daily. Since we moved into the new house, trying to balance a routine of walking between work and other things hasn’t been easy. I’ve also slacked as far as paying attention to our calories and what we eat. We both added between 10-15 pounds to our waist line since November. UGH! Guess what we’re starting to do again?

I’m looking across the kitchen and I see a stack of dishes that are ever patiently waiting for my attention, not to mention the load or two of laundry.  My flowers and herbs garden is begging that I pull the weeds away from them. I have a stack of mail that needs responding to, bills to be paid, paperwork to be filed.  Wait a minute, today is my day off! UGH! I’m thinking today’s U word is pretty fitting.

Tell me your UGH moment today!


Reflections on Reality and Relationships


Hello fellow bloggers, writers, and readers. Today as I sit down to write my daily challenge I’m facing the same sort of nearing the end of the journey roadblock jitters that I confronted last year at this time. I don’t want the challenge to end because I feel like I won’t be inspired enough to make myself write daily. Time to face reality and accept the fact that this challenge was just a jumpstart to a life style change. Kind of like dieting. Ha, no such thing. If you want it to work, it’s not a diet. It is a lifestyle change. That is what real writing, blogging, reading is. That’s what real relationships are. A lifestyle change.

As I reflect on my past posts, I see pride, embarrassment, shame, sadness, humor, spiritual growth. I think about relationships I’ve had and lost over the years. I’d like to take the blame for the failed relationships, but the truth of the matter is, they dissolved because I’m not one to sugarcoat the truth. I say it like it is and I say what I mean and mean what I say. I’ve persevered through ridicule, humiliation, hate and discontent, yet I’m still here blogging away. Why? Because it makes me happy to write. Because I get satisfaction when someone recognizes and shares in the same trials of pain or happiness that I have.

Reflecting on relationships for me always brings regret into consideration. I often wonder why so many relationships have failed. I’ve tried reconciliation with many relationships to no avail. What recourse should I take when the reaction to my request is not what I expect?

Relationships come and go throughout our lives. People we meet at church, in the neighborhood, people we’ve known all of our lives. The one thing that I can honestly say about any relationship is they are work. They don’t just flourish without care and consideration. Family relationships are the hardest because they are always there no matter what. Those are the ones that get hurt the most because we tend to think that very thing “they are always there no matter what”. One day they won’t be there. Don’t take any relationship no matter how trivial, for granted. If there is someone out there that you appreciate and are thankful for them coming into your life, thank them, let them know.

I’d like to say thank you to each and every one of my readers, followers, and fellow bloggers. It’s hard out here sometimes. Yet you persevere. You keep on keeping on. I appreciate you and your devotion. Have a great day and see you tomorrow!


People Pleaser

people pleaser

What line of work do you think of when you hear “people pleaser”? A prostitute? A comedian? A doctor? A McDonald’s cashier. The coffee shop drive-thru person? Perhaps the person you call in customer service? We are all a “people pleaser” in a sense, don’t you think? We want to please the people we interact with. We want them to like us and compliment us on what we do. I think I’m a people pleaser when I put the pen to paper and pour out my prose.

I recalled a few customer service interactions I experienced with a grocery store, a retail store and a cable company. They all were poor experiences and the people I dealt with did not please me. Funny how God has a sense of humor. He said, “Oh, so you think you can do better? Here let me put you in a customer service position where people will call you with their problems. How well can you please people?”

The first day on the job a woman told me I was the worst customer service representative she had ever spoken to. She yelled at me and demanded I get her a supervisor. Then the supervisor yelled at me for not providing the customer perfect provision. I cried and wanted to quit. Obviously I didn’t. I’ve learned a lot since that first day and remembered how to handle the problems. Funny thing is, that woman had no idea that I’d been in customer service almost 20 years and she was just predominately negative.

We have the power to be a people pleaser in every situation. A lot of times people don’t care about policies or promises made. They just want to pour out their problems. If we take the time to listen and offer empathy, usually we can turn the situation around. Of course there are those cynical assholes (for lack of a better expression) that you just can’t please. Some people are perpetual pessimists and even if you offer them the Pearly Gates they will still be petulant and complain. Those are the people you just have to smile and praise God not everyone is like that.

Share with me your People Pleasing Story.