Ultimately the day is as beautiful as this butterfly.

ultimate beauty

So this morning, Tall Cool ☺ne asked me what the letter of the day was. I told him it was going to be 82º and partly cloudy. He gave me a funny look and mentioned Miracle Ear for my birthday this year. UGH!

He said not the weather, woman,the letter! Oh, I said, today is U and I think I’m going to use Ugh! Tall Cool ☺ne said that’s not a word. Well I look it up and by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary it most certainly is a word. Used to indicate the sound of a grunt or a cough or to express disgust or horror.  So there! Ugh!

We are on the last leg of the A-Z Blog Challenge.  The last week is the hardest. Look at the letters that are left. U, V, W, X, Y, and Z. UGH! It’s going to be a rough week. What’s going to be even more challenging is to keep up with the habit of posting on a daily basis. Ugh! I think I mentioned before, it’s a lifestyle change. It’s easy to fall out of the habit if you don’t do it.

Speaking of, can I get a big UGH?! I went to put on my shorts this morning and realized they were a little bit tighter than I remembered. Okay, I lied, a lot tighter. Ugh! I thought about that and it makes perfect sense. Tall Cool ☺ne and I worked so hard to stay healthy, by eating right and exercising daily. Since we moved into the new house, trying to balance a routine of walking between work and other things hasn’t been easy. I’ve also slacked as far as paying attention to our calories and what we eat. We both added between 10-15 pounds to our waist line since November. UGH! Guess what we’re starting to do again?

I’m looking across the kitchen and I see a stack of dishes that are ever patiently waiting for my attention, not to mention the load or two of laundry.  My flowers and herbs garden is begging that I pull the weeds away from them. I have a stack of mail that needs responding to, bills to be paid, paperwork to be filed.  Wait a minute, today is my day off! UGH! I’m thinking today’s U word is pretty fitting.

Tell me your UGH moment today!




If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times

Writing poetry is making up rhymes

Expressing our sentiments and thoughts in prose

In a stance when it’s read rhythmically it flows.


Not everyone shares in this labor of love

If the fingers don’t fit they can’t wear the glove


We rant and we rave and we spill out our guts

Sometimes in our verse we come across as bigots

I suppose that could be true but it could also be false

Otherwise we’d never exceed in this creative writing waltz


Not everyone shares in this labor of love

If the fingers can’t fit they won’t wear the glove


Composing is a game we play in our head

The work never stops, even after it’s fed

Perpetual and constant forever we write

Happily we perform in this never-ending plight


Not everyone shares in this labor of love

If the finger don’t fit, don’t wear the glove.




She’s Wicked Smart


(But uglier than a mud fence)

To coin a phrase, it’s a dog eat dog world out there.  Every cloud has a silver lining and every dog has its day.  Mark my words the name of the game is not to jump on the bandwagon and just between you and me I don’t mean to flog a dead horse but I’ve got the gift of gab.  A little bird told me half  the battle is getting there but Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It’ll all come out in the wash and to cut a long story short, the show must go on.  Just for the record I’m not reinventing the wheel because you can’t teach an old dog a new trick, but face facts, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.  So far so good … this a-z blogging challenge might be the greatest thing since sliced bread, no expense spared.  This is a golden opportunity for the movers and shakers; the more the merrier and I’ll move the goalposts or bite the bullet because actions speak louder than words. The early bird gets the worm at the crack of dawn and I won’t drown in my sorrows if this is sour grapes.  Not to put too fine a point on it but, lock stock and barrel this is a level playing field and let’s face it, I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck so let bygones be bygones. At the end of the day you can’t win them all in the rat race, and accidents will happen across the board. Give me a helping hand just for the record and share your favorite jewel in the crown of clichés.  I’ll be waiting with bated breath.

I should tell you I’ve shared this before. I added a few more to the original post, but I thought it was a good “SHARE” for the letter S in today’s a-z blogging challenge.