Reflections on the April 2019 A-Z Blogging Challenge

Another year under my wing. Survived… posted every letter even though my last post was a day late. Over achiever? Sometimes we are our own worst critics when it comes to writing. But that is what we do, we write and we read it, and we re-write it over and over again until we think it’s good enough to put out there. After we put it out there, we find something else wrong with it and wish we had read it one more time. Such is the life of the writer.

I loved the challenge. Wish it was two months long … or longer. Ever since I started a real work-at-home job that actually pays me, my time for writing is limited at best. People think because I work at home I have all kinds of time to do whatever I want. Not true. I have a real 401K plan, a real health insurance plan, a real pay check, and a real schedule. That comes with real responsibilities of taking care of things on a timetable and not when I get around to it. I don’t have that 30 minute commute back and forth to work, to think of things to write.  I’m busy doing the things that most people who work out of the house pay someone else to do. HOUSEWORK.

I hope to take time to get back into writing more frequently. I love the challenge and am grateful for those who participate and visit each others blogs.   The A-Z challenge is somewhat of a jump-start to get you going. Hopefully you will get some people to follow your blog and help encourage you to write. It’s kind of like jump starting a diet except it’s more fun than a diet.   You get started and it’s all going well and people are loving what you post.  Then it kind of fades away when no one is there to urge you to keep going.  You stop posting as often and that’s kind of a drag.

Writing can be lonely and hard and it takes perseverance. But it is also rewarding and enjoyable. I have said it before, write for you. Write what makes you happy. Do it because you want to. Don’t write for someone else. It doesn’t matter what they think or how they would do it.  Been there, done that – never turns out well. If they are so good at it, let them write it.

If you want to write, write. It’s like anything … if you can believe it, you can achieve it. Don’t give up. Until next time.

Cheers! ☺

ZEAL was lost

I failed to complete the A-Z blogging challenge by the deadline. Posting today, but I’m a day late and a dollar short. Better late than never, right? Maybe so, but I’m mad at myself for not taking the time to write and post yesterday. I let other things take priority of my time. It’s easy to do that as a writer, isn’t it? We feel like we can put other things ahead of our writing and get to it later. At least that is the case for me. Maybe that’s why I’ll never make any money as a writer. (Bwaaaa!)

Writing is one of those “hobbies” like anything else, if you are going to succeed and do well at it, you have to do it all the time, with zeal. Practice, persevere, and write diligently. Never give up. Quitters never win and winners never quit.

I hope you enjoyed the A-Z challenge. I hope to continue to post more often than annually. Maybe you’ll join me.



Y – M – C – A

Okay so I cheated a little bit.  But isn’t this a fun video?  It brings back memories.  In my younger days, the cowboy was always my favorite.  Now I think I’m more in tune with the police officer.  Who’s your favorite?