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Bird Nest Update


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June 6, 2013

Not much has changed on the House Finch Nest watch. The mom spends most of the days and all night on the nest. She flies off whenever one of us goes out on the porch, but if we are quite and not moving around a lot, she comes right back. It is funny to see how she makes herself comfortable around the five eggs in her nest.

Daily the dad will visit the mom, and they swap spit with each other. He won’t stay long and I’ve only see him visit in the morning hours. I have tried numerous times to get a photo of this moment, but the dad is more timid than the mom. I am able to photograph the mom sitting on the nest, or when they are feeding on the bird feeder in the afternoon.

Over the weekend another female came in the vicinity of the nest. This was quite interesting to me because I wasn’t sure if like cats mother birds shared in the egg hatching process. I have seen chickens share a nest. This was not the case in House Finch protocol. The mom quickly came out of the nest and chased the other female finch off. I have not seen another female near the nest since.

It is interesting to see God’s creations create and commingle with each other. In a sense we are all the same. The male and the female species are similar yet not understandable to the opposite sex. It reminds me of a joke my husband told me last night. Please bear with me as I am not that good at repeating jokes.

He shared the joke he heard from a co-worker. It went like this: A construction worker who had been working long twelve-hour days for a very long time was visited by a genie. The genie told the worker he would grant him one wish. The man thought about the wish and decided that where he had been working long hours he would love to go on vacation in Hawaii. He hated flying and he didn’t really want to go on a boat, so his wish was that the genie would build a road from California to Hawaii so that he could drive there.

The genie looked at the tired construction worker and said, “That would be way too hard of a wish to grant you sir, please think about it and make another wish.”

The construction worker was a little disappointed but thought long and hard and finally he said, “I know, I wish I could understand women.”

The genie looked at the man and said, “Okay, you want a two lane or four lane high-way out to Hawaii?”

We may never understand each other, but we were made to live and pro-create together. Watching a nest of eggs being brought into the world, God’s world is a gift in itself.


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Bird Nest Watching

May 24, 2013

We noticed two nests on a railing under our porch. We have been watching a House Finch and her mate with the nests.

It started out with one egg and each day since then, another egg has been added. Today there are five eggs in the nest and the mom spends most of her day in the nest only leaving if the door is opened. We are trying to use the back door so not to disturb her.

These are jelly jars that we had lined up on a post, just for looks.  Birds decided it would be a nice place for a nest.


 If you look closely you can see the mom sitting in the nest.


My hand was a little shaky trying to get a picture of the eggs, where it was a guess of whether I got the eggs or not.  I’ll try to do better next time.


According to bird nest watching protocol one should only view the nest every 3-4 days, but where it is on our porch, it’s easy to keep an eye on it. We have not touched the nest or the area where mom made her nest.

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