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Today is a Blank Page


Today is a blank page.  Yesterday was depressing.  The day before that, I finished the novel that I’ve been working on for two years.  It came to an end, as far as the writing is concerned.  Now the real work begins.

I was surprised at the emotion I was filled with at having written those final words: THE END.  I thought I would be happy, and there would be cause for celebration.  To my dismay, there was no one to revel with in my achievement.  My husband was busy at work, and all of my friends and family are too busy with their own achievements to be interested in any of my mine.  So I wallowed in my self-pity, spending the day researching publishers, and sending out query letters.  It was not a wasted day by any means, just a depressing one.

I’ve heard it said before that a writer’s life is a lonely life.  I didn’t really believe that.  When I’m writing I’m creating characters who I love, who I hate, who I like, and who I could do without.  They are my ‘social media’ per say, and they keep me company.  When the book came to an end, so did the characters, and that was a day of loneliness.  They came to the end of their reality, and it was time to put them away and move on.  That was depressing for me because I fell in love with my characters.  I now understand the meaning of a lonely writer’s life.  When it was time to face the reality that the story had to end, that it couldn’t go on forever, I longed for those characters to come back into my life.  I am grateful that little bit of depression only lasted for a day.

Today is a blank page.  Today I begin to create new characters that will come to life on the page in a new story.  Today I will make new friends with new characters I love, new characters I hate, and new characters I can probably do without.  Today is a beautiful blank page.