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Twenty Years from Now

It’s been awhile since I’ve been here. I’ve missed blogging. Funny how life gets in our way of doing the things we enjoy most. I’ve been praying a lot, asking God to lead me on my next blogging adventure. Sometimes if we are quiet and patient and wait, the answer will come. Sometimes it is right under our nose, but we don’t recognize it.

Today starts a new journey for me and my faithful followers. I’m calling this season, “Letters to Self”.

February 16, 2021

Dear Self:

I feel like I haven’t been a very productive member of society lately. With this whole Covid thing we don’t get out as much as we used to. I am definitely not the social butterfly that I remember myself being.

I’ve been spending a lot of time writing letters to family and friends. Writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Mom thinks it takes up too much time and it is a lot of writing. She’s right, it does and it is, but I enjoy it so much. I started thinking more about it, and wondering how I might be able to use my gift and share things with others, even the people I don’t know.

Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us let us use them: if prophecy, let us prophesy in proportion to our faith, or ministry let us use it in our ministering, he who teaches, in teaching, he who exhorts, in exhortation, he who gives, with liberality, he who leads, with diligence, he who shows mercy, with cheerfulness. Romans 12:6-8   I have this gift that has been right under my nose all these years.

Every day is a gift and what better way to take the gifts that we are blessed with to bring glory to the Kingdom of God? In the past I’ve not used my gifts wisely. Today is a brand new day. I write this in hopes that you, -myself- will read this twenty years from now and be a different person. I’m being generous with the 20…hopefully it doesn’t take that long to be wiser, smarter, more patient, all the things I struggle with now.

My blog has been on hiatus for quite some time. I have missed my daily musings. As I sat down to start this project I reviewed some of my posts in the past. Some of them are mean, disrespectful, and not very nice at all. I considered removing them. But then I realized that that’s not going to change anything. That is who I was and if I take away the person I was, it’s nothing to show for the person I am or the one I want to be. That is all part of the growing and learning process.  I have to remember where I came from to appreciate where I am now. And where I am now is part of the growing process of where I might be twenty years from now (God willing).

I had a dream the other night. Elvis was in my dream.  He was coming to tell me something. He was the young Elvis before he was overcome with the fame and fortune and drugs and alcohol. I idolized Elvis. I wanted to be just like him. I even danced around and lip synced his songs. I’m not sure what he was going to tell me, but he was there to tell me something. Before he could a train came and I woke up.

A lot of things can be learned from dreams. Joseph had a dream and when he shared it his brothers sold him as a slave. Nebuchadnezza had so many dreams it caused him not to sleep. I know what happened to Daniel when he shared the interpretation of King Nebuchadnezza’s dreams.  I will skip the fire pit, thank you very much.

God gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. He reveals deep and secret things. He knows what is in the darkness and light dwells with Him. {Daniel 2:21-22}

I don’t know where this project will take me. I am living by faith not by sight. I know that I have a desire for my writing to be my legacy. I want to be remembered for something important. If my musings help one person find their way to Jesus, I’ve fulfilled my desire. In the meantime, I’m a writer, so I will write as long as these little fingers will strike a keyboard. And self, if you get this, twenty years from now, I’d love to hear your response.

Until next time,

your constant and faithful crackerberries



Expectation: the act or state of anticipating or looking forward to the coming occurrence; the act of considering something about to happen probable or certain.


I confess, my expectations are set really high. I expect more from people than they usually deliver. Why? Because I expect people to act and perform like I do. My standards are high and people know what to expect from me. I used to think I was being taken advantage of because people just assumed I would do something a certain way. I’ve recently come to realize, it’s not being taken advantage of, it’s a set of expectations that people have of me, and they know I will deliver in a certain way.


I often refer to that old saying, treat others as you wish to be treated. The only problem with that saying is I expect others to reciprocate in a certain way. When they don’t, it upsets me. It is a hard lesson that I am still learning. I cannot control their actions or reactions, I can barely control my own.  I thought about lowering my expectations of others, but then I would become like them. I want to be different. I want my expectations to be different than what everyone else expects. Therefore, my expectations will continue to be high, and I will learn to deal with the failure of those who do not live up to my standards.


I know that sounds superior and arrogant. I don’t mean for it to come across that way at all. I’m really not supercilious. I have a hard time dealing with people who don’t value a high set of hopes. That is the only way I can justify their weakness in not living up to my high expectation standards. Everyone should have hopes, dreams and expectations. Without them, what do you have to look forward to?


Dream high, hope big, and expect the best out of everyone.


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Every human experience, every emotion, our deepest desires, our hopes, our fears can all be revealed in our dreams. Our hidden self that we try to keep from the outside world emerges from our subconscious. We see ourselves in the raw. We can be warned of potential danger or we can find answers to problems we are unable to see in our daily routines. Things that trouble us frequently crystallize in our dreams. Some dreams even predict the future.

Some people like to say they don’t dream, simply because they can’t remember their dreams. Dreams express our true selves, including desires we can’t even admit to ourselves, let alone to others. It’s the only way we have to express them. Dreams are loaded with emotion that can distort our memory, and therefore, unless you write it down when you first wake up, the chances are good that the dream will be forgotten.

When a dream recurs time and time again, there is something important about the weak and strong parts of our personality. The recurring dreams deals with an aspect of life that hasn’t been sorted out or laid to rest. Perhaps a problem that hasn’t been solved. Dreams are repeated because their message hasn’t been received or understood.

Day dreams are also good because we can control them. If something goes a way we don’t like, we just change it over to the way we want to see it. Dreams help us to focus on what we think we want when we need to escape from the realities of life. It’s a different land, a different world, a different place, a happy spot when there appears to be no happiness. Sometimes a dream is all a person has. Better to have a dream than to have nothing. Without dreams what do you have to work toward?

When we dream we free ourselves from the stress of everyday life. We express ourselves in a manner which we wouldn’t share in public. Pay attention to your dreams, and perhaps you will understand yourself more completely.

Dream On Baby!



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To Write or To Talk About it


I just conversed with my editor regarding the manuscript.  Seems weird to me to have a publisher, and an editor.   Kind of makes my head swell just a little bit.  I remember all the creative writing assignments I did in Mr. McCutcheon’s class back at Hampden Academy.  All C’s.  Nothing more than a C+.  I still have most of them with his chicken scratched notes scrawled in red ink across the top of the front or back page.  I hated that man back then for grading me like that.  I thought my stuff was good!  Just recently I was told that “C’s earn degrees”. I don’t think he’s alive now.  I wish he was, so I could thank him for being part of my accomplishment.

Not sure what degrees earn, but those C’s he gave me back in high school didn’t discourage me.  I kept on writing.  I wrote short stories for kids with the Institute of Children’s Literature in the 80’s, I wrote short stories for Writer’s Digest and the University of Southern Maine creative writing courses I took in the 90’s. I wrote radio commercials for a station I worked for, repossession letters for a bank I worked for, letters for insurance companies and tax information for an accounting firm I worked for.  I wrote company newsletters, marketing templates, sales pitches, and the ever-so-not popular Christmas Newsletter for a direct mail company I worked for.

As the years passed I never really took the time to put the effort into marketing or selling the things I wrote.  I just put my effort into writing what made me happy. I created a blog with tons of recipes – oh yeah, I cook too. I motivated people to help me write a cookbook, and wrote all the marketing and sales promotions for our company’s business website.   All the while still wanting to do what I always wanted to do as a writer.

I wanted to write a novel.  That feeling of wanting to write has never left me since I started a diary in the sixth grade.  No matter how many times I tried to pre-occupy my mind with something else, that desire has remained.  In fact, I still have the totes upon totes of journals and notebooks that seem to take up more space every year.  Crackerberries was going to be the name of my first novel, my life story.  Then I decided it would be the name of a little farm stand where we could sell our pickles, relishes and jams that we make from our garden.  Somehow it became my brand, if you will.  I guess my life story will have to be called something else.

I’m here to tell you if you have a dream, if you want to write, if you have a goal, do not give up.  It is possible.  You can do it.  Don’t talk about doing it, don’t worry about people liking what you write.  If you like what you write, and it makes you happy, that’s half the goal.  Then comes the sweat and tears, but don’t worry.  Everything else will fall into place in due time.

Not sure when Blackhorse 2015 will be available.  It’s in the fine hands of my editor right now.  I’m excited, and I know there is much work to be done.  As soon I am able to share more about Blackhorse 2015, you’ll be the first to know.  As for now, I’m off to work on the next one.