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As the lazy, hazy days of summer draw near, for most students summer vacation has started early. I am reminded of the infamous English assignment at the beginning of the school year. “What Did You Do Over Summer Vacation?” It was one assignment we could pretty much bank on every year from the third grade on. I remember thinking my essay was going to be boring. All the other kids did way more fun stuff than me. They went to Disney or Daytona Beach or the Grand Canyon. I spent my summers at my Mimi and Papa’s house in Norway, Maine. No internet, no cable TV, no air conditioning, no swimming pool! Heck there wasn’t even a color tv until I was about 13 years old. How could a kid today ever survive that kind of summer?

One summer, after direct instruction from my grandfather not to, I went in the garden barefoot. I stepped on a rusty, old spike. (Ouch). It went right through my foot. For the next week or so, I spent soaking my foot in a bath of hot, purple water. That was kind of a drag. Another summer I peeled the whole top layer of skin off my back after swinging too close to the tree on a tire swing. Again, my Papa told me not to do so. He took the tire swing down after that and put up a regular swing. Of course this was at the instruction of my grandmother. That was fun. I could stand up on the board and pump my legs so the swing would go really high. In fact, at one point, I had it so high it went right over the clothes line. Those rope burns on the back of my legs only lasted a few weeks. It was all cleared up by the time school started.

Ah, yes the fun days of summer. Bee stings, cuts and bruises were typical. We’d drink iced tea or lemonade that was so sour it would put a pucker on your lips. We’d pick fresh vegetables from the garden and have cucumber and mayonnaise sandwiches out at the picnic table in the afternoons. At night, we would run through the tall grass and catch fireflies to see who could make their Mason jar light up the brightest. We’d take white handkerchiefs and wrap them with rocks then toss them up in the dark sky just to watch the bats dive bomb them. Now that was entertainment.

What would kids write about now? “I spent my summer in quarantine” or “I spent my summer posting videos on YouTube”.  Do you think they would take the time to hand write an essay? Would they even know what cursive writing is? I remember disagreeing with my son about his math homework fifteen years ago. He would always insist that it was okay for him to do it in pen.  He told me that when you are left-handed, writing with a pen is much easier than with a pencil. When I was in school, math was to be done in pencil, English in pen — blue or black ink, no exceptions, and always in cursive. Red ink was unacceptable, ever. My, oh my how things have changed.

I hope kids will have fun and memorable summer vacations just like I did when I was growing up.  Now that I think about it, mine were not boring at all.  Those kids that got to do all that fun stuff are the ones who really missed out. Mine were the best vacations ever. 

2 Timothy 3:1 … in the last days perilous times will come. We are closer than we know.

Welcome to the A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year I think it will bring a lot more people together with this crazy pandemic. Being quarantined means people will flock to the web looking for things to do. This is a great way to meet new friends/contacts. Maybe you will read something new, find a new hobby, or just be entertained by some random musings. Whatever the case may be, stay safe, drink plenty of liquids and enjoy the trip.

Juniper’s Candy

I’m a day late, and always a dollar short. But better late than never right?

Today is the perfect day for JESUS … HE IS RISEN. Happy Easter everyone!

I’ve often wondered what the little bluish berries are on the tree in our front yard. I never thought too much about them until recently. We have to plan our resources and use what we have accordingly. Here today, gone tomorrow right? In Maine there are weeds that make an excellent side dish to pork chops or chicken. My grandmother could make dandelion greens taste so good. And fiddleheads are my favorite weed treat.

I did a little research and found that the juniper berries are actually used to flavor pork, venison, rabbit and duck. I’m so excited about this and can’t wait to actually try them. I’m going to make some fig chutney and try them in that. I will be happy to share my recipe if it comes out good.

With the times we live in I implore you to take a look around in your yard. What resources are there that you never imagined using?  With the internet at our fingertips research is only a few clicks away. Do it now because like toilet paper, you never know when it might not be available.

Welcome to the A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year I think it will bring a lot more people together with the epidemic going on right. Being quarantined means more people will flock to the web looking for things to do. This is a great way to meet new people. Maybe you will read something new, find a new hobby, or just be entertained by some random musings. Whatever the case may be, stay safe, drink plenty of liquids and enjoy the trip.

Eventful Entertainment

With the country in lock-down quarantine mode, people are trying hard to come up with ideas to entertain themselves. I don’t know about you but I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous things on Facebook. Some of the ideas are wholesome and fun. Then of course there’s always a handful of people who are way out there and they have to take things a little too far. Then again, you can’t really believe everything you read on Facebook, even if they do have pictures.

Our eventful entertainment consisted of back-breaking, sun-burning strenuous digging in the garden. Planted rows of beans, tomatoes, peppers, beets, zucchini, squash, and I think there were some other fun packages of seeds thrown in the mix as well. Even my little spice garden had some leftover spices and lettuce from the year before. If this thing continues on, we will at least have some fresh vegetables in the next few months. And hey if worse comes to worst, there’s pasture of cows across the street. There’s nothing quite like a grilled steak with a fresh garden salad.

Welcome to the A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year I think it will bring a lot more people together with the epidemic going on right. Being quarantined means more people will flock to the web looking for things to do. This is a great way to meet new people. Maybe you will read something new, find a new hobby, or just be entertained by some random musings. Whatever the case may be, stay safe, drink plenty of liquids and enjoy the trip.

Gift Giving

I tried to come up with something for G all weekend. Something clever, something meaningful. Something that would knock your socks off.  My muse was not kind over the weekend.  I was dwelling on some self-pity.  Something didn’t go my way, and I was overlooked for  something I did that I thought was outstanding! Don’t say you’ve never been there.  We want to be appreciated more for what we do.  We want to be recognized for who we are, not what we used to be.  We all go through it every now and again. (Slap me, I hate that!)

Early this morning I came across an article posted for the A-Z Challenge about looking to the future. My perspective completely turned around. Every day is a gift and every day we have the opportunity to return the gift in some way, shape, or form. Maybe it’s a simple smile at the drive through window when you pick up your coffee. What about carrying that bag of groceries out to that little old lady’s car? How about a love note in hubby’s lunch box?  A favorite candy bar tucked into your child’s backpack with an encouraging note.  There are so many ways to return the gift of air that we get to breathe each morning when we wake up, and it doesn’t have to cost a dime. It’s free. Smiles and hugs are free.  ☺♥☺

Today I’m dwelling on gift-giving. I’m looking for every opportunity to give some sort of gift even if it just a smile or a kind word. What gifts can you share?

For Jody



Garden Aspiration
{Mislaid out-of-the-way}
Leather gloves tossed aside
Hard day’s work incomplete
Moistened with the nights dew
Soon to dry from sun’s heat
Garden grows to the beat
Tossing rocks, pulling weeds
Enhancing herbs to grow
Maintaining garden’s needs
Bask amongst the beauty
Trowel, spade, rake and hoes
Beneath a sky of blue
The garden of straight rows
Leather gloves tossed aside
Forecasting chores at hand
The work is never done
Beautifying the land
Showed up at my front door
We caught up on chitchat
Visit was warm and sweet
All was good, no brickbat
My mind roamed like a cat
Catching up on lost time
Visits few; far between
Not unreal, not a crime
It seems to be a chore
For a friendship to last
As ice cream is a treat
Melting into the past
It comes back in stridor
True friendship is concrete
Mislaid out-of-the-way
The odds we may defeat.


It was good to see you yesterday, my friend.

Red Horned Green Monster

Green Monster

It was a beautiful sunny day and I was out in the garden pulling up weeds.  I saw this very interesting creature on one of my tomato vines.  It was a lime green large caterpillar of sorts, with a red horn at one end of it.  It was some what leathery looking with white strips and little black dots.  I had never seen anything quite like it.  I left it basking in the sun on my tomato vine thinking this would be something like a treasure hunt to see it transform into a beautiful butterfly.  I went about my business of pulling weeds in the garden.

The next day I was out in the garden and I noticed my tomato plant.  It reminded me of Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.  I quickly began to inspect it for bugs but all I could find was the beautiful leathery caterpillar.  After a little research on-line I found this little critter is very damaging to tomato plants.  So much for raising a beautiful butterfly; it went straight to the chicken pen.  After it oozed out this purplish inky goop from where the horn was, a couple of chickens fought over it, pulled it in half and munched it down.  I assume the ink stuff was some sort of defense mechanism and I was a little concerned for the chickens that ate it hoping they weren’t poisoned.  They wiped their beaks off in the dirt and went about their normal scratching and pecking business.

We are similar to the caterpillar in a sense because we have the capability to destroy everything that comes in our path. “Hell and Destruction are before the Lord, so how much more the hearts of sons of men.” {Proverbs 15:11}  Wicked people plot deception in which the innocent are captured and victimized.  From what I researched, the caterpillar eats everything in its path until it cannot eat anymore and then it burrows into the soil and remains under ground through the winter going through a metamorphosis.  In the spring it emerges into a moth.  It transforms into something not as destructive as it once was.

The Lord looks from heaven; He sees all the sons of men.  From the place of His dwelling He looks on the inhabitants of the earth, He fashions their hearts individually; He considers all their works {Psalm 33:13-15}.  God created every single creature for a purpose.  The red horned green monster destroyed several of my tomato plants.  There were more than one of these little creatures and every one I caught I fed to the chickens.  These caterpillars reminded me that once God gets a hold of our hearts the renewal of our mind is transformed into a new creation {Romans 12:2 and 2 Corinthians 5:17 respectively}.   Okay, so the ones that I caught transformed into chicken feed, but you do get the idea, yes?  We live in a treasure hunt every day and to find what God speaks to us in His word is so much fun.

We may not like all of the creatures that He created and we may question for what purpose it was created.  We may even feel this way about people sometimes.  As I reflect on the green leathery caterpillar with the red horn, I am reminded how I thought it was pretty at first.  But then I saw how destructive it became.  Once it turned into a not so pretty moth, it wasn’t as destructive any more.  We should remember that people can sometimes be the same way.  They may be really pretty on the outside but inside they are full of destruction.  Everyone is born that way; it is inherited by nature.  Of course you cannot scoop them up and feed them to the chickens, but you can pray for them and be patient with them and show them the love that Christ showed you.  Once God gets a hold of their heart, the metamorphosis will begin.

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Sneaky Palomino rabbit ingests nocturnal garden.