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Gardening ~Letters from the Heart #A2ZChallenge2021


Hey Bob:

(That’s just a little inside joke. When you call your mother, that’s how she answers the phone. ☺♥)

When the list was made for the “theme reveal” your letter about gardening was meant to be just that. Out in the garden, planting green beans, and cucumbers and tomatoes and all those fun vegetables that you and Tall Cool ☺ne love to eat through the summer and then can/preserve the abundance for later consuming.

After the past few days of self-reflection, gardening has taken on a new perspective. Think of it in a metaphorical sense. Maybe you need to go weeding.

Sometimes what we see as good and pretty is actually destroying what is healthy. For example the wisteria in the back yard is beautiful when in full bloom. The scent is a little over-powering but the flowers are gorgeous.  Unfortunately the plant itself is invasive. When Tall Cool ☺ne cut it back (to your dismay) azalea, camellia and gardenia bushes were revealed.



Sometimes giant pretty things need to be destroyed to reveal healthy little things.  What is in your life that needs weeding? What looks big and pretty that is covering up small and healthy?

Food for thought.

your constant and faithful,


How’s everyone’s challenge going? Are you all having a good time? Visiting lots of other blogs?  I’m trying to visit five new blogs each day but it’s not Have you ordered a t-shirt yet?  Have you found all of the letters so far in the scavenger hunt?  Don’t forget to check out the master list and select a few that you may not normally visit. Most of all, have fun! ♥

Sending Salutations

Sending salutations is one of my favorite pastimes. In the day and age of instantaneous communication with a phone jack attached to the side of most people’s head, the days of the old fashion hand written letter are falling to the wayside. It gives me great joy to take the time to write a letter to a friend or a family member. Those gems found in the mailbox are rare commodities, similar to finding rolls of toilet paper on the shelves at the supermarket. It pleasures me to know that it puts a smile on the receiver’s face. Even if it’s a small card with a few words of wisdom or just a line of encouragement can brighten someone’s day.

There are many benefits of letter writing. It boosts cognitive abilities. You are more likely to remember something if you write it down. Receiving a letter can summon feelings of nostalgia. When you write a letter typically you write about things of the past and it might be familiar to the receiver of the letter. These little notes could be quite comforting.

Writing letters can invoke creativity. From choosing the pen to the paper to the words you write, the salutation is something personally created each stop of the way. For some, letter writing is a fulfilling hobby and the receivers look forward to that special handcrafted letter.

Letters provide something tangible to hold onto, such as a keepsake. Unlike an email that gets lost in the mass of junk emails, a letter can be saved as a treasure in flowery box or tin for future readings.

The next time you are bored and wondering what to do while being quarantined, dig out your pens and paper and send a salutation to someone. They will not only be surprised, but they might even write you back.

Welcome to the A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year I think it will bring a lot more people together with this crazy pandemic. Being quarantined means people will flock to the web looking for things to do. This is a great way to meet new friends/contacts. Maybe you will read something new, find a new hobby, or just be entertained by some random musings. Whatever the case may be, stay safe, drink plenty of liquids and enjoy the trip.

Lost Love Letters

I’m sure everyone is thinking about  LOVE for the letter L. I’m no different. Love is the one thing we can give away freely. It costs nothing.

Lost love letters is something that has been weighing heavy on my mind. When we were in high school Tall Cool ☺ne and I wrote tons of lve letters back and forth to each other. Sometimes I think it would be neat to read what some of those notes had inside them. Then I think better of that. We are older now and priorities are different.

I’m thinking of love letters lost in a different concept.  Lost love letters doesn’t necessarily have to be from an admirer. Love is something you share with a family member, a friend, or maybe an acquaintance from work. As I think about the title, lost love letters, I think about the lost loves of people to whom letters I used to write.

We are a messy group of individuals. I recollect how many people have come into my life only to turn around and be gone from my life. Sometimes it makes me sad. But then I realize that God will put someone else in their place.

Lost love letters are just like people who come and go in our life. They are there for a season, then lost, but not forgotten. Who do you think of when you think about a lost love letter?

Welcome to the A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year I think it will bring a lot more people together with the epidemic going on right. Being quarantined means more people will flock to the web looking for things to do. This is a great way to meet new people. Maybe you will read something new, find a new hobby, or just be entertained by some random musings. Whatever the case may be, stay safe, drink plenty of liquids and enjoy the trip.

Letter Writing



The old-fashioned hand-written letter is definitely a “Throw-back Thursday” thing of the past. I found this in my grandmother’s old scrapbook. It is dated 1934, which makes this little piece of paper I was careful to scan a little over 80 years old. Based on the date, my grandmother would have been almost 20 when she wrote this letter to her sister-in-law. I am one of the few left who supports the USPS by writing the old fashion hand-written letter at least once a week.

I find this letter is bittersweet in more ways than one. My grandmother is gone, and has been gone for 27 years. I imagine things were a lot different when it came to relationships in 1934 than they are in 2014. Letters were probably few and far between. There were no emails, no text messages, no personal messages, no phone calls, no Skype, no Face-time, no snap-chat or any of the other social media formats that are available to people today.

Unfortunately, relationships are not valued as much as they were in 1934. People in today’s world take advantage of technology and just assume that their friends and family will always be there at the push of a button. It is no wonder why it is so difficult for people to have meaningful connections with each other. Respect is a thing of the past and people don’t value relationships like they used to. If there is a falling-out with one friend, they move on to the next person because with social media you can have 388 friends on Facebook, yet still not understand the value of one true friend.

With all of the communicating technology available today one would think that contact with family members or old friends would be a normal thing to do. This Throwback-Thursday do something out of the ordinary and contact that relative or old friend you had a falling out with. Don’t take that relationship for granted because one day you might wish you had made amends when you had a chance. I’m going to. There is no time like the present.