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Respecting Relationship Boundaries

Boundaries are anything that help differentiate one person from another. Age, gender, social status, skin color, vocabulary, where we live, even our emotional state can provide a certain protective boundary. Sometimes boundaries are misunderstood.

We all want relationships. The most basic need in life is for relationships. We want input and teaching from others. We want to learn different things and share the knowledge we’ve learned. We want friendships. In desire, everything comes with a price. We give a little, we take a little.

Standing up for our boundaries can be misconstrued. Sometimes people will think we are being rude and insensitive. Trespassing on other people’s boundaries carries consequences. If I do this, I know this will happen, if I do that, I know something else will happen. From a young age we learned these basic instincts.  Don’t touch the hot stove or you will get burned.   

Attitudes and beliefs are what we accept as being true. There are some people who want us to change our beliefs and attitudes to what they believe and accept as being true. Perhaps some family members, friends, relatives, or even neighbors to name a few.  People who refuse to respect the boundaries we have set ooze negative energy and leave us feeling worse whenever we’re around them. Be on guard for these toxic personalities. Quickly set boundaries and let them know what will and what will not be tolerated. 

Do you have anyone like this in your life?

• Lie on a regular basis
• Take advantage of your kindness
• Don’t respect your boundaries
• Manipulate you in order to get what they want
• Put you down
• Don’t encourage you to pursue your goals
• Don’t consider other people’s feelings or needs
• Feel entitled
• Are frequently angry or aggressive
• Rarely apologize
• Blame others and don’t take responsibility for their actions
• Drain your energy
• Have a lot of “drama” or problems, but don’t want to change
• Think the rules don’t apply to them
• Talk, but don’t listen

People might be angry or offended by our choices even though we aren’t setting boundaries to be mean or difficult. Boundaries are a way to protect ourselves and maintain individuality as well as sanity. Stay safe and be sure to practice social distancing virtually as well as while you are out in public. When boundaries are not accepted, sometimes we have to accept that we are better off without the toxicity in our lives.

Welcome to the A-Z Blogging Challenge. This year I think it will bring a lot more people together with this crazy pandemic. Being quarantined means people will flock to the web looking for things to do. This is a great way to meet new friends/contacts. Maybe you will read something new, find a new hobby, or just be entertained by some random musings. Whatever the case may be, stay safe, drink plenty of liquids and enjoy the trip.

Dazbar’s Run

March 3

Dazbar’s Run

Five bodies buried deep, beneath the snow fast asleep.
What kind of secrets will they find, when Old Man Winter’s left behind?


Love conquers all who give a care, put them together, they become a pair.
Add Respect and give it a whirl, nothing better between boy and girl.
Along comes Trust with a necessary twist, the perfect addition to this Ménage à trois tryst.
Loyalty brings added pleasure; will Respect and Love will equal the measure?
Honesty is the crucial ingredient essential to a fruitful commitment.

Five bodies buried deep, beneath the snow fast asleep.
Wake them up before they die, true Love needs them it’s no lie.
Respect got lost in all the haste, of seasons changing and new challenges faced.
Trust fell behind in Dazbar’s Run, went instead to have some fun.
Loyalty is lagging but not lost yet, still wants to be part of this duet.
Honesty found another host, and that lack of support is needed most.

Five bodies buried deep, beneath the snow fast asleep.
There is a time for everything, flowers will bloom and birds will sing.
Respect and Love are quite a pair, never apart in this affair.
Trust is every relationship desire, without it the mind will conspire.
Dig it up for it’s not lost, just hiding below the surface of frost.
Loyalty is there just hiding out, needing nourishment in times of drought.

Five bodies buried deep, beneath the snow fast asleep.
Dazbar’s Run has had a go, with these five characters we all know.
Love conquers all to those who care
Respect follows Love to make a pair
Loyalty and Honesty make things work
But without Trust it’s all berserk.

Five bodies buried deep, beneath the snow fast asleep.