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Zebras are Your Favorite ~ Letters from the Heart #atozchallenge


Dear Barbie

You wanted to take this last letter and celebrate the love of zebras!

These are some of the items found on your bookshelf.  Tall Cool ☺ne would be happy if you would dust them.


Cats can always be found hanging around in the office. There’s Chow Maine having a rest.

Oh you interrupted her when you took her picture.  Don’t mess with a cat when it’s sleeping.


Coffee time is always best in an extra large zebra cup!  Cheers!


This is a cross stitch made by your sister when she liked you. It hangs in your office next to your desk.  You wonder if she still does cross stitching.  She was very good at it.


Back in the day you used to call it “Buxton Chrome”!  Zebra Duck Tape ~ because almost anything can be fixed with duck tape…


Would you look at that? Another cat. Oh wait that’s not a cat, that’s a puppy.  Fernando, the transgender — he thinks she’s a puppy. 


You couldn’t bring yourself to tossing the cup away even though you can’t drink out of it now because of the crack. It makes a good pen holder (AKA clutter collector).  You hate that Starbucks got rid of the On-Line Store. 😦


More random pictures in the office. 


Very cool shower curtain.


Stuffed toys, or as Tall Cool ☺ne calls, the dust collectors.


Hats, well because they are fun to wear!



This is a wooden handmade zebra. One of the places you worked gave it to you.   That’s just a few of the random zebra items found around the office. It’s a fun hobby but you need another room if you are going to continue to “collect” stuff.  And you know who probably won’t go for that. Speaking of, here’s a song:


That’s it for the zebras and that’s it for the a-z blogging challenge.  Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the end of blogging survey.  And try to keep in touch with all of the cool people you reconnected with and made new friends with.   Until next time. 

Your constant and faithful,



Z=The End


Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah my oh my what a wonderful day.

I’m feeling sort of like a ZOMBIE because it’s the last day of the blog challenge and I’m coming up with ZILCH! Maybe I need to put some of that smelly herbal stuff in a ZIG-ZAG paper, roll it up, and smoke it to see if it ZAPS an idea into my head. Maybe ZEN’s tea would help. I tried taking a shower to see if being ZESTFULLY clean would ZING something into my mind, but I’m still coming up with a big fat ZERO. I thought about writing an essay on the ZODIAC and astrology or the ZODIAC Killer even. But, like biblical places such as Mt. ZION, and biblical characters such as ZECHARIAH, those essays will be in the ZILLIONS. Maybe even a few about ZIMBABWE. There’s always Grevy’s ZEBRA or a ZEBU, but, really, how interesting is a wild horse or an ox with a hump?

That’s going to put the do it to it for this blogging challenge. Do be sure to check out some of the other great Z bloggers. And tune in on Monday for a trip down Reflection Lane… a post about what the challenge meant to me.